What is pay it forward?

Pay it Forward as a concept is relatively simple, when someone does something for you, instead of repaying them directly you ‘pay forward’ the kindness by doing something for a third party instead.

It’s likely you do this in a lot of small but significant ways, when a colleague has had some bad news you might make them a drink and listen to their troubles. You don’t expect anything in return but the next time that colleague is faced with a similar situation it’s likely they will follow your example and pay the kindness forward.

So what is the initiative & how can I get involved?

Our initiative uses the concept of Pay it Forward to help young people succeed in today’s highly competitive job market. So every 10 places booked on a Core Process Course, will pay a FREE place forward to a promising young person.

To give them the best possible start on their chosen career path the course will include a 20-page personalized report ensuring they leave us with a wealth of practical advice and the benefit of our experience and knowledge.

We are very pleased to announce the Pay it Forward initiative will be delivered in partnership with Warwickshire College Group. Promising students aged 21 to 23 years old will be eligible for internal nomination to work with Core Process in January 2019.

If your Company is looking for a new CSR project, the Pay it Forward initiative could be the ideal solution for you, get in touch for more details or take a look at the video above to hear Tracey P, Core Process Director discuss the initiative in more detail.

Why we do it

We are motivated by making a difference, by helping more people to achieve their goals and feel great!

Knowing that we have helped others to live more valued and authentic lives, satisfies our own values.

How would it feel to be collaborating and communicating with your family, colleagues, peers, teams and direct reports without the stress, misunderstanding, and conflict that leads to dysfunctional relationships and teams?

We know how it feels, it feels great! We love sharing our tools and experience in a fun and engaging way so that more people can start feeling this way!

What we do for you

Benchmark Success
Improve Personal Impact
Enable Effective Communication
Deliver Measurable human and financial results
Reduce Conflict
Retain Talent

It all starts here

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It enabled me to assess my team’s motivations in order to better communicate with them, as well as use their strengths to build a more effective team. The workshop was a good balance of teaching and participation. The material was presented clearly and concisely (which can be difficult when so many are not native English-speakers!), and with a good bit of humor to keep everyone engaged.

Christine O’Connor ( Managing Director) Kelvion (USA)

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