How to create leaders

What skills do I need
What skills do I need to be a leader, what does good look like?

Good leaders recognise the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. Leadership is a time when a lack of skills is exposed. Excellent leaders possess problem-solving and stress management skills, high degrees of self-awareness empathy and vision.

what type of leader
What type of leader am I?

Does your leadership style match the expectations of your stakeholders and team? Are you leading by direction, strategy, process or by coaching and enabling? Do know how others are perceiving your style?

Woman Leaning on Wall
Why don’t they support me?

Are your strengths showing up as weaknesses in others eyes? Are people turning away because they don’t resonate with your style of leadership? Is this lack of support down to trust? Are your results suffering due to your lack of connection? Emotional expression ensures you are seen as a human with a connection to your work and those you lead.

Am I making the right decisions when the pressure is on?

Failure almost always comes down to a lack of emotional intelligence, rather than lack of experience or technical ability. Are you allowing your emotions to cloud your objectivity? Are you able to choose constructive positive emotions, can you choose how you think feel and act? Have you developed EQ agility and can you think consequentially?

change we’re making

I need my people to move with the change we’re making.

Are you communicating, building trust, developing accountability and engaging with your people? Do you know the strengths that your team requires to make the changes and are you confident that they understand their part in this? What are the costs of you not making this change?

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