How to build an engaged purpose led team

High Five Team
What are the characteristics of an effective team?

Where there are people there are emotions to be managed, an effective team is emotionally intelligent and emotionally agile so they can choose how to think, feel and act to deliver results. Emotions drive people, people drive performance.

understand each other better
We need our people to understand each other better

When your people recognise how their motives drive their behaviours, how those motives and behaviours change when they are feeling under pressure, and they have an understanding of the motive-driven behaviours of others. Then, you will have an emotionally intelligent team resulting in stronger relationships and greater understanding. Emotional intelligence is the key element to building relationships that matter and deliver results.

what I need them to do
Why don’t they do what I need them to do?

You know what you want , but are you communicating in a way that resonates with the whole team ? Is everyone really clear on your vision, your message, your goals ?

How do I handle difficult people?

Your difficult person may be your exact opposite, or there could be some similarities but the truth is no one sees the world the same way . When you are having trouble connecting and motivating people it becomes frustrating and distracting, focus, time, money, and relationships are lost. Recognising how others see things is the first step. Be prepared for some big transformational ‘aha moments’.

Handling difficult customers2

We need our people to work better together.

You are risking the productivity of your team if you limit activity to what each member can do on their own. Do you know how to transform the way they work together to unite your team around a common goal and raise productivity?

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