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Emotional Intelligence is at the core of every human . It determines how well we build relationships, make decisions, cope with challenges, lead others and even manage stress.

Who we help

Who benefits from working with us? Everyone….It’s as simple as that!

In businesses of any size, sector, genre, in colleges, university’s and schools, organisations, clubs, teams, families, and individuals.

Where there are people there are skills that can be upgraded, relationships that can be better understood, communication styles that can be enhanced and conflict that can be avoided or managed.

How we do it

“Our approach is simple, to get CRYSTAL clear on the outcomes you need in order for you to be your best. Benchmarking your emotional intelligence – targeting the skills to upgrade, developing those skills with you to achieve your goals.”

Our process is rigorously based on science. Emotional Intelligence is no longer viewed as the ‘pink fluffy stuff’ it is a clearly understood discipline. It is now widely accepted that IQ as a measure of intelligence is not a guarantee of success in life, whereas EQ has been proven to be a key indicator of human success.

“Having a high IQ and a low EQ (Emotional quotient) is in the simplest of terms a bit like – Driving a fast sports car with no steering !”

Your EQ unlike IQ which is fixed by the age of 17 yrs, continues to increase as you go through life. Life, particularly life lessons, are the key elements of your EQ increasing. Core Process can help you bypass the years of emotional growth through our EQ coaching programmes which start with measuring your EQ level.

We then work with you, identifying the areas you would like to develop and link them with real life outcomes and measures that make a difference in both your professional and personal life.

Why we do it

We are motivated by making a difference, by helping more people to achieve their goals and feel great!

Knowing that we have helped others to live more valued and authentic lives, satisfies our own values.

How would it feel to be achieving your goals, personal, family, career or corporate goals and be operating at your very best?

How would it feel to be collaborating and communicating with your family, colleagues, peers, teams and direct reports without the stress, misunderstanding, and conflict that leads to dysfunctional relationships and teams?

We know how it feels, it feels great!

We love sharing our tools and experience in a fun and engaging way so that more people can start feeling this way!

What we do for you

Benchmark Success
Improve Personal Impact
Enable Effective Communication
Deliver Measurable human and financial results
Reduce Conflict
Retain Talent

It all starts here

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“Working on developing our emerging talent and upskilling our management team is at the heart of our culture at The Grand, and when I was introduced to Tracey I knew introducing Core Process to our business was an opportunity I could not let pass me by!  I was not wrong!"

Core Process online benchmarking of my EQ provided an insightful starting point for a 6 month coaching program which I found inspirational and profoundly useful both with my team at the office and at even at home !
I would, without hesitation, encourage anyone interested in better understanding themselves and the dynamics of their relationship to participate in the Core Process with Tracey Powiesnik.
Thank you again for the insights into my own behavior and responses as well as others. I am looking forward to putting it into practice in both my work and personal life.
It enabled me to assess my team's motivations in order to better communicate with them, as well as use their strengths to build a more effective team. The workshop was a good balance of teaching and participation. The material was presented clearly and concisely (which can be difficult when so many are not native English-speakers!), and with a good bit of humor to keep everyone engaged.
The process gives you space and time to reflect, with the guidance from Tracey, I was able to understand better the way in which I respond to different situations and how I can use my strengths to better advantage.
Tracey is a great trainer and is able to engage her audience immediately and effectively. We enjoyed the interactive style and Tracey's warm and relaxed approach. Absolutely wonderful and transformational workshop. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a difference in our lives, but it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as a person
I approached Core Process on the recommendation of a colleague was instantly glad that I did! Core Process have helped our staff team further develop self-awareness, understand our personal motivations and values and enhance our ability to work effectively as a team. The tools and approaches that Core Process utilise are accessible, engaging and transformational.
This training has given me a much greater insight into my values and behaviours as well as those of others, which will help me become a better line manager, a better colleague, a better mother and a better wife - the most helpful training I have been to for a very long time.

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